Test At Home Video Page

Our At Home Speed Program is an 8 week, 10 week or 12 week video training program designed with unique and proven techniques to improve the speed of an athlete. The optimal speed performance obtained in these programs will translate directly onto the field of play.

Whether you are a coach, player, or trainer… now our speed program can be accessed and applied anywhere and anytime!

Our Speed training sessions will focus on TECHNIQUE, ACCELERATION, FORCE PRODUCTION, and MAX VELOCITY. The 12 Week program includes a BONUS of two weeks focused on “speed to sport” where we will use routines and techniques that apply the speed to the sport played.

Test Video Week 1 “Don’t Sweat The Technique”: Proper Arm Swing Mechanics

Each At Home Program will consist of videos laid out and formatted with progression just like we would provide onsite.

What is included in these At Home Programs?

  • Voice over coaching notes on what the objectives are, what to look for, what the athlete should be feeling
  • Still frames with mark ups to further improve application of the drills/notes
  • A proper dynamic stretch video
  • A proper cool down stretch video
  • Multiple movement prep videos
  • Soft Copy notes of the each session that can be printed at home
  • FSA coaches will be available to schedule calls or face times to answer any questions/concerns