Physical Therapy

Every set back is a set up for a stronger COMEBACK!

Our team at MANKIND understands how hard athletes train on a daily basis and the amount of stress each athlete puts their body through, both on and off the field. We understand the risks an athlete takes when preparing and enduring the competitive nature that the sport brings with it. We also prepare our athletes the best we can to avoid injuries but injuries can occur during the athletic career. That is why FSA is partnered with Dr. Nathan Kindstrand PT, DPT, OCS, ATC, CSCS and his company MANKIND, to provide the most advanced and effective physical therapy practices ensuring safe and efficient return to competition.

Like our training programs, MANKIND strives to provide personalized treatment programs with an understanding that each patient is unique and their rehabilitation programs should be as well. His drive and determination to provide the highest quality of care possible, push him to stay current with evidence-based medicine and cutting edge treatment techniques.

We offer options for physical therapy and sports rehabilitation to all of our athletes that are constantly training and competing at high levels. MANKIND will perform a thorough evaluation to determine the appropriate treatment plan to help shorten the gap between the healing process and return to your training or your sport. We are experienced and committed to each athlete’s personal care and are able to deliver maximum results for recovery, stretching and mobility, physical therapy and rehabilitation.

Our team is committed to providing quality care with the patient’s goals and return to function at the forefront of each treatment. 

Have your recovery take FLIGHT and your body return safely back to your sport with MANKIND!

One FREE 30 minute injury evaluation for all FSA Athletes. 

**Please contact MANKIND at for details and options on pricing and packages.