Our Coaches

The Team behind the scene.

Michael Chavez

Michael Jr. Anthony Chavez was born and raised in Orange County, CA but spent 18 years of his life in Fullerton, CA which is why he considers Fullerton his home. Michael played Wide Receiver and Corner Back for the football team and also wrestled Varsity his Freshman year at Fullerton Union High School where he graduated in 2005. He finished his senior year third in receptions but first in yards per catch. That year Fullerton High School held its highest County ranking at 6th in the County after beating St. John Bosco. Michael went on to be a two-year letter-man playing football for the Fullerton College Hornets as a Wide Receiver. He received several small school full ride offers and committed to Sterling University in Kansas before deciding to opt out and finish his Bachelors of Science Degree at Post University, Connecticut. Michael was the first from both sides of the family to complete a college education earning his degree in Business Management with a Concentration in Entrepreneurship.

Michael also went on to coach at Canyon High School as the Wide Receivers Coach and Assistant Offensive Coordinator where he helped turn a 1-9 team to back to back 9-1 seasons.  During his time there as a coach, his teams led the league in receiving.

Michael has earned training certifications such as the NASM-CPT and NASM-PES and started training on his own in 2017 before founding and starting FSA in 2019.

Why do I love passing on the knowledge/experience to others?

“Kobe Bryant once said “The most important thing is to try and inspire people so that they can be great in whatever they want to do.” As a kid, I lived a very poor childhood and bounced around all over Orange County but because of sports, I managed to keep on the right track and make friends that were positive influences. Not all of us will make it to the NFL, NBA, WNBA, NWSL, etc. but that doesn’t mean that all of us can’t accomplish great things in our lives. I am a firm believer that sports paved positive paths for me to follow and gave life tools that helped me accomplish great things growing up, to become the man I am today. No matter our situations or circumstance, every kid and/or athlete deserves a chance and someone who believes in them, they deserve to be recognized and paid attention to. Having people that believe in them, see them and give them a chance… can lead to so many great avenues for them. I just want to be one of those guiding forces in their lives who can stand beside them and help prepare and inspire them to take on their adult lives with confidence and a determined mindset. If I can help these young athletes learn life tools through my training and relationship with them, then I can impact the world we live in, one athlete at a time.”

Random Facts and Something Funny About Coach Michael:

Coach Michael took 4 years of Culinary Arts and was a dinner cook at the Golden Vine Winery.

He loves sour and sweet candy.

Kobe Bryant is his favorite athlete!

His nickname is “Spike” and it was coined from the movie The Little Giants.

What does family mean to Coach Michael?

“Family is my life. I live for my family and will die for my family! Everything I do in life is a reflection of my family and is for my family. Family can be your closest friends that aren’t blood, your siblings and parents, or figures in your life that have supported you and provided for you throughout your life. I have been fortunate to have a great family of blood and friends in my life and now I have a daughter and son of my own. My children are a reflection of me and I need to do everything in my power to inspire them, believe in them, guide them, and leave them ready to take on every day with courage, knowledge and an open mind and heart. . Their lives are my personal success.”

DeAngelo Bonner

DeAngelo Louis Bonner was born and raised in Long Beach and Fullerton, CA. He lived a dual life going to school in Long Beach and living in Fullerton for several years. Around the age of 12 his family made a full switch to being in Fullerton where he later attended Troy High School. While attending Troy he gained the accolades of 2nd team All League for football and made the All Star Team Senior year. Bonner also made it to State his senior year for track and field in the Long Jump event placing 13th overall. He holds the record at Troy for jumping 22 feet 8 inches. After High School he attended Goldenwest College and Graceland University in Iowa to finish his track career. He finished his degree at Cal State Fullerton with a Bachelor of the Arts in Sociology. 

Why do I love passing on the knowledge/experience to others?

“Experience is the best Teacher. As a people we learn from exposure to things and progression comes from the knowledge of those before. I wouldn’t be where I am and know where I’m headed if it weren’t for the experiences in my life. Based off of my timeline of experiences I’ve gained the knowledge needed to be successful in many areas and to share that knowledge with others to watch them prosper is a lifetime goal of mine. As we grow in time, so should our knowledge so it takes a person like me to step up and give.” 

What does family mean to Coach DeAngelo?

“Family is the world. Family is foundation. Family is love. Family is support. Family is bond. My family has been the biggest influence on my life and the success in my life. Without their unyielding support I wouldn’t be where I am today. I love my family infinitely. Family isn’t just blood, it’s a culture. I feel that as a people we can find family anywhere where love is being shared.”

Random Facts and Something Funny About Coach DeAngelo:

At FSA they call Coach DeAngelo, Coach Diablo because my workouts are hell but my name means “The Angel”.

He loves to dance!

A daily goal of his is to put a smile on someone’s face.

He is a huge DC and Marvel fan.

Bobby Acosta

Coach Bobby was born and raised in Orange County California and has been involved in organized sports from the youth level to playing football at Golden West College where he also studied Kinesiology. He has had the privilege to help coaching staffs in youth sports programs for Fullerton, La Habra and Anaheim. Coach Bobby is very excited to bring the experience and knowledge he has gathered to help impact our community’s young athletes. He also looks forward to “schooling our youth on everything Batman and comic book related as it can’t be all about sports.” 

Why do I love passing on the knowledge/experience to others?

“John Wooden once said, “Being a role model is the most powerful form of educating”. Some of the most important influences in my life have been coaches and mentors. This is the type of culture FSA wants to bring to the community because we know that the future is not about leaving a better world for our children but leaving better children for the world. Our goal is to not only help our athletes exceed expectations in sports but also in community. To FSA, character is what creates a CHAMPION.” 

Random Facts and Something Funny About Coach Bobby:

Knows all things “Batman”

Does not eat salad!

He has been cutting his own hair for over 10 years.

He loves Orange Soda

What does family mean to Coach Bobby?

“To me family goes further than blood. Family is about who walked into your life, said, “I’m here for you” and proved it.”

Anthony Peko

Anthony Phillips Peko was born and raised in Long Beach, CA. He was a standout at Lakewood High School, where his teams compiled a 19-5 record during his two years as a starter. He earned all-conference honors as a senior and was a three-year letterman. He chose to attend Fullerton JC where he earned first team all-conference honors as a sophomore in 2007 and was a two-year letterman. Anthony earned a full scholarship to Montana State University where he played two years for the Bobcats and brought home a Big Sky Conference Championship his senior year. More importantly, he also brought home a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Sociology. He was the first college graduate in his family. 

Why do I love passing on the knowledge/experience to others?

“I am the oldest of all of the grandchildren in my family and have always been viewed as a role model. I have always had eyes looking up to me and it always drove me to push myself even more for them. I wanted to pave the way and set a good example and with that came being a great leader and passing down knowledge years before they would encounter the same experience. I think it is important for the youth to hear about, learn about, and prepare for their future. Whether it be in the classroom, on a field/court/etc., or life in general, I love to drop “golden nuggets” or “gems” that people can use later and be thankful that they have. I believe in passing knowledge down because it is going to do me no good to hold onto it for myself.”

Random Facts and Something Funny About Coach Anthony:

His favorite movies are Finding Nemo and The Notebook.

He doesn’t eat seafood (fish are friends, not food)

He loves karaoke but he doesn’t like to dance

His nickname is “Superman”

What does family mean to Coach Anthony?

“Family is one of the most important things in my life. Without my family, I would not be half the man I am today. I am thankful and proud to be the father of an amazing little girl, Zaylah Princessese. I am beyond blessed for the family God gave to me and the friends that became family along this journey. Each and every one of them has played a vital role in each chapter of my life and I credit every success I have had and will have to my foundation; my family.”

Brody Williams

Brody Williams grew up in La Mirada and graduated from La Habra HS. He spent 4 years at Cal State University, Fullerton studying Kinesiology, where he graduated with a Bachelors degree with an emphasis in Strength & Conditioning. Brody has been coaching athletes since 2016 and he loves what he does. He got his Precision Nutrition certification last year and help clients on the nutritional side as well. He has always been a people person, and loves helping anyone & everyone that allows him to.

Why do I love passing on the knowledge/experience to others?

“I firmly believe that health is wealth. Becoming healthy and staying healthy is the most affordable and rewarding healthcare you can have. With that being said, I love leading a healthy lifestyle but more importantly, I love helping others lead a healthier lifestyle. Passing down this knowledge to generation & generation, and really being assertive about a healthy life, can really have a huge impact on our youth.”

Random Facts and Something Funny About Coach Brody:

-I first got into standup comedy but quit because I prefer sitting down.

What does family mean to Coach Brody?

“Family is the reason we are the way we are. Whether its blood or not, family is someone there for you through thick & thin. Family is unconditional love. Family is respecting anyone you come across, even when they cant offer you anything, & being appreciative about it.”